Secret Seven Complex

When we set out to create “The Worlds Most Luxurious Haircare” we looked upon our extensive travels around the world for inspiration.   Where most hair care lines use ingredients from one or two continents, Shaoé Haircare uses inspiration from all seven.  We realize that a healthy head of hair starts with a healthy scalp and continues to need nourishment throughout its life span to maintain the health of the strands. With that in mind, we went on our mission to research, test, and bring you the finest ingredients available on this great planet. We are proud to call this unique blend our SECRET SEVEN COMPLEX, found exclusively in all of the Shaoé Haircare products.


herb Galanga Root: This Asian root comes in the form of an Essential oil that will provide a shield from environmental stress, helping to prevent fading of hair color and to be a “super guard” to the hair fibers.  Although very little grows on the continent of Antarctica, we drew our inspiration to provide an ingredient based on the harsh conditions of extreme sun, wind and cold of Antarctica. We find damage to the hair comes from many sources, right down to the hot dog vendor’s cart on the street, this superior ingredient will shield your tresses from them all!



plantSouth American Aloe Vera: Although Aloe is widely available through out the globe; South America produces the finest quality.  For many years, people have used Aloe for its healing and mending properties to treat such things as psoriasis, dandruff, to promote hair growth, and to mend other issues pertaining to the scalp.  Loaded with Essential vitamins and minerals, Aloe can help maintain the hair’s pH balance and restore strength, sheen, luster, and beauty. Aloe, combined with ingredient partner Australian Eucalyptus Oil, will be having your scalp thanking you.




flowerAustralian Eucalyptus Oil:  Our research has found Eucalyptus Oil has been used in folklore medicine for thousands of years to nourish the scalp, increase circulation by providing blood flow to the root bulb, and is believed to make hair stronger with more elasticity and sheen. In keeping with our desire for only the best, we reached across the globe to our friends in Australia to bring you only the finest grade of this special oil.




bowlFrench Caviar Oil:  This incredibly powerful ingredient is packed with amino acids, omega 3 essential fatty acids, and vitamins. French Caviar oil is well known for luxury and can be very expensive; but when your hair needs repair or moisture this natural moisturizer will aid in restoring a beautiful healthy luster and sheen, making it money well spent. The magnitude of benefits provided will be felt instantaneously when any of the Shaoé Haircare products are applied to the hair.



treeAfrican Baobab Oil: Many great oils are derived from the continent of Africa, but none can compare to the vitamin and moisturizing qualities of the rare Baobab Oil. Unfortunately, this essential oil is not often found in hair care due to the cost.  The Baobab tree itself is known to retain as much as 30,000 gallons of water and live thousands of years, producing the rare fruit only every 25 years. Compromised strands can become a thing of the past by mending hair fibers and soothing a dry scalp  while delivering intensive conditioning and moisture retaining benefits. Working synergistically with the Black Russian Caviar Oil this dynamic duo will transform lifeless locks.



chocSwiss Dark Chocolate:  There is no argument that Europe produces the finest chocolate on the planet, so naturally we turned instantly to the Swiss to give us this delightfully delicious and beneficial ingredient. Although the chocolate provides one of the major elements of the Shaoé Haircare aroma, technology has allowed for the natural antioxidants and vitamins to give a jolt to the scalp and bring an amazing degree of conditioning to the hair strands. As your hair moves throughout the day, you’ll enjoy and experience that “feeling of pleasure” the brain derives through the aroma of chocolate.


purpleHimalayan Goji Berries:  Most commonly referred to as the “Super Fruit” and praised by streams of celebrities, this berry has earned its title because it is loaded with trace minerals, amino acids, and is a natural antioxidant which provides enormous benefits to the hair and scalp. Along with the Swiss Dark Chocolate, the Himalayan Goji Berry brings the other element to the unique aroma of Shaoé Haircare products.  The aroma of this berry also known as the “Happy Berry”, it creates a sense of wellbeing and optimism that can be felt.


Please enjoy all the wonderful healthy benefits this world has to offer; and rejoice in the transformation that will occur to your hair when the world’s finest ingredients, technology, and Shaoé Haircare work together to bring you this Decadent Haircare System.