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New Shaoé Haircare Secret 7 Complex
Decadent Haircare System With Luxurious Ingredients From Around The World

New Distribution Opportunities! We would really love to work with YOU! We need progressive distributors like you that will help us offer a very­­­­ creative and personalized approach. Call us to schedule a meeting , as we are  signing up regional distributors and sales representatives for the all new Shaoé Haircare. Shaoé Haircare is designed by hairstylists, for hairstylists who demand the best.

We are confident that Shaoé Haircare will emerge as a respected new leader in professional haircare for those who demand perfection. Featuring a special blend of natural ingredients from all seven corners of the world, our Shaoé Haircare System will set a new benchmark in beauty for your top quality salons and spas. Shaoé Haircare fuses the decadence of a privileged lifestyle with the provocative nature of fashion. This simple, yet complete haircare product system has everything you will need to help your salon owners and hairstylists to style their clients’ hair, from a special silky restorative conditioner to an innovative new light setting hairspray.


New Shaoé Haircare will soon become synonymous with extravagance. The launch of this new haircare system has been motivated by our synergy created between pure luxury and true beauty. Unwilling to compromise on our luxurious formulas, we will celebrate our launch with big Shaoé Haircare educational soirees in as many cities as possible. As our new distributors and sales representatives, we will help you enlighten all of your affiliated salon professionals to our provocative, new, high end product line.


New Secret Seven Complex: All Shaoé Haircare products are formulated with the lavishly inspired Secret Seven Complex that pampers the hair follicle. The Shaoé Secret Seven Complex includes Russian Black Caviar, African Baobab Oil, South American Aloe Vera, Galanga Root, Swiss Dark Chocolate, Australian Eucalyptus Oil, and Himalayan Goji Berries. This entire system features an energized cream-based hair repair agent that is not harsh on the hair follicle. When used as a complete system, Shaoé Haircare products complement one another and leave hair easy to manage, stylish, and inspired. There is an array of Shaoé Haircare products that will add intense shine to curls, smooth the hair cuticle, restore the tresses from harsh environments, purify the hair shaft, rejuvenate your hair strands, and add a wonderful radiant finish. Refreshingly different and unique ingredients are the first half of what Shaoé Haircare has to offer.


Proven Secret Seven Salon Systems: To complement Shaoé Haircare, our proven Secret Seven Salon System stands as the educational foundation that will be used to support your salon professionals who use our haircare products. This unique system utilizes in-depth product knowledge, full application tutorials and a comprehensive platform for advanced creative haircutting techniques.  As owners of a successful multi-million dollar day spa salon and cosmetology school, we are experienced at providing education on how to achieve salon success by using our Secret Seven Salon Systems. This includes creative haircuts, haircolor, hairstyle designs, makeup artistry, retail sales, marketing and valuable business building techniques.


Innovative Education Will Be Our Top Priority! We want to help you hold a series of educational soiree kickoff events as well as to help follow-up with in-salon educational workshops for your top accounts. Our educational kick-offs will be FREE with all qualified opening orders! As respected manufacturer platform artists as well as successful owners of the Avant Gard the Salon & Spa and Avant Gard the School in Indianapolis, Indiana over the past 25 years, we have developed a very sharp focus on how to best create dynamic hair artistry while also helping to train thousands of hair designers through our own innovative educational system.


Contact Us! The new Shaoé Haircare system offers luxurious opulence for you and your salon professionals. To set up an  appointment with Josef & Shaun Settle and for more information, contact us at 317-272-1149 / 855-974-2637 or email us at Info@ShaoeHaircare.com



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