Shaun Settle

Shaun-color-HeadshotShaun Settle is CEO and Artistic Director of Shaoé Haircare as well as co-owner of the Avant Gard the School and Avant Gard the Salon. As paint and paint brushes may be the common tools of the trade for many artists, scissors and a comb are the tools of choice for this savvy hair design artist performing creative hairstyle masterpieces. With over 30 years as a hairstylist, successful salon ownership experience and a world-class beautycare educational background, Shaun Settle is a proven expert in the professional salon industry.

Graduating from high school early to begin her career in the professional beauty industry, Shaun’s ambitious nature already started to shine. After attending Cosmetology School in Indianapolis, Shaun decided to open a salon in 1985, where she could make a difference in the beauty industry. During this time, she learned the many aspects of owning a salon, skills that would greatly come into play now and in the future especially with Shaoé Haircare. Shaun described this time as going through the ‘School of Hard Knocks’, back then there really wasn’t a lot of help to guide salon owners into success. After meeting and marrying her husband Josef Settle in 1989, the couple decided to combine his business marketing and management skills with her previous salon ownership experience to create the ultimate establishment for creative hair design with Avant Gard the Salon.

Shaun knows that education remains the key element to creating a successful salon and any haircare product company team. Shaun always sought out different styles of salon education and training systems. Josef and Shaun were both recruited by Rusk Haircare in 1992 as educators, respected as the industry’s leading haircare educational company. Quickly being recognized for her talent and hard work, Shaun gained the title of ‘Master Educator’, which allowed her to travel the country and to educate hair designers as well as other platform artists. This was a great accomplishment for Shaun, because only 100 other designers across the country have achieved this status. This honor also allowed her to study under some of the most recognized individuals in the industry. She and Josef became Creative Directors for Mastey de Paris, and was also a platform artist for Derm Organics Argan Oil. Shaun then took this invaluable training and brought it back to Avant Gard the Salon as well as for the development of Shaoé Haircare products.

Providing a haven for clientele to receive the ultimate in haircare artistry wasn’t enough for Josef and Shaun. While getting their salon off the ground, the husband and wife duo noticed the lack of high end salon ready hairstylists being produced by cosmetology schools. They took on the challenge, only wanting to provide the best to their clientele, and opened Indiana’s Premier Hair Academy in 2004.  With successful expansion, growth and future plans, they moved to a new 17,000 square foot location for Avant Gard the Salon, Avant Gard the School, as well as for the national headquarters and training facility of Shaoé Haircare. A Master Hair Designer at Avant Gard the Salon, Shaun still manages the daily operations at the salon, while Josef runs Avant Gard the School.

Avant Gard the School offers a full curriculum, preparing students to be the most successful in the salon environment. At Avant Gard Salon, guests can expect to receive quality services ranging from designer haircuts and multi-dimensional haircolor, to hair extensions, hair straightening, facial waxing and permanent makeup. Avant Gard the Salon is also able to accommodate all prosthetic and wig needs. Designers practice the System Seven Salon System; a one-of-a-kind hairstyling technique created by Josef and herself, sectioning hair into 7 zones for a more natural flow to the finished hairstyle design.

As the creative leader at Avant Gard the Salon, Shaun strives to keep a family atmosphere within her team. Her motto of “If 1 succeeds, we all succeed! If 1 fails we all fail!” maintains the cohesive atmosphere that contributes to the success of their salon. Shaun believes you must treat people how you would like to be treated. This inspiration comes across in her work at their salon and at the Shaoé Haircare Company. She was named ‘Top Haircolorists’ in Indiana Monthly. Her 7 year run as Master Hair Designer at Rusk showcased her talent as well as the pride she still takes in her hair design work. While taking in all aspects of the beauty industry at Rusk, Shaun developed a fascination with Louise Rusk, whom she and Josef consider as a mentor.

Running Avant Gard the Salon and the artistic hair designs she creates on her guests every day, is one of her most time consuming interests. She also enjoys being a wife and mother, supporting her daughter Slayde who studies Radio and TV at University of Southern Indiana, while living a very healthy lifestyle, which consists of a vigorous daily workout and by eating extremely healthy. Church and giving back is also most important to her. Shaun organizes a multitude of local events for the community through Avant Gard. They have participated in many local events such as fashion shows, cut-a-thons, and clothing drives while teaming up with numerous charities like a local women’s shelter for makeover sessions. Avant Gard hosted a Blowout Benefit in which they raised more than $10,000 for a local animal shelter. Their charitable community and salon industry support will always remain important as they desire to give something back while helping others succeed.

Shaun’s good nature is equally matched by her talent, as she has led Avant Gard the Salon to numerous accolades from national consumer magazines such as Elle, Allure, W, Cosmopolitan, Indianapolis Monthly, Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide, Hair Winners, and Hair Style Guide. They have been repeatedly recognized as one of the ‘Top Salons in the Nation’, ‘Best Haircolor Salon in the Region’, ‘Best Beauty Spot’ and ‘Best Salon for a Makeover’ by many local publications. They have been regularly published in many top salon publications like Modern Salon, Salon Today, Beauty Store Business, Stylist & Salon Newspapers. Their creative haircut and haircolor designs have been featured in Inspire and Passion Stylebooks. Their celebrity client experiences include hair designs for many of Indianapolis newscasters, Jon Mayer, Tony Stewart, The Prime Minister of Israel and his wife, many Firebird cheerleaders, NHRA Drag Race Drivers and their wives.

Shaun Settle is now inspired to help take Shaoé Haircare to be respected as the most luxurious lifestyle haircare system, backed by the best quality professional hair design education program in the world. As a driving force in the salon industry, Shaun Settle has a bright future to look forward to in the beauty industry as not only a respected master hairstylist and platform artist, but also as a successful entrepreneur. Shaun currently focuses her efforts on the growth of Shaoé Haircare, Avant Gard the Salon and Avant Gard the School, while adding her own personal artistic touch on the professional beauty industry.